Yair Yosefi

SpecialityCo-Founder of The Mediterranean Food Lab

Yair Yosefi began his career at some of Israel’s top historical dining establishments such as “Keren”, “Yoezer”, etc., after which he spent a decade in Paris cooking at Michelin starred “Le Grand Véfour” and “Laserre” as well as with Pierre Garnier at his Rue Balzac institution where Yair specialized in culinary R&D. He collaborated closely with world renown baker Eric Kayser (“Maison Kayser”) on culinary research, as well as co-authoring a number of cook books with Kayser. On his return to Israel Yair wrote and published award-winning cookbooks such as the the “Moul Yam Seafoodpedia” and Uri Scheft’s “Breads.” Yair was founding chef at “Elba” and today is partner and chef at “Brut”, a wine bar / bistro focusing on local ingredients and food culture, curiosity and traditionally-grounded innovation which is considered one of the best small Israeli restaurant's operations today. In 2018 together with B.Z. Goldberg and Omer Ben Gal, Yair co-founded The Mediterranean Food Lab, a startup initiative merging ancient food fermentation technologies, cutting edge science and the ingredients and traditions of Mediterranean cuisine to create natural, ecologically sound, deliciousness-enhancing foods (think plant-based demi-glace and more).