Phäedra Randolph

SpecialityFounder, Spero Foods

Phäedra is a ‘jane’ of many trades, with backgrounds in science, engineering, art, organizations, and sports. What keeps her up is her obsession with improving the world around us, an insatiable appetite to make healthy plant-based products accessible, affordable, and sutainable, because only when they are all 3 will we be able to impact at scale climate change, human health, animal suffering. Today, the ethical choices are not the easy ones. Phäedra aims to change that, because she believes that healthy, ethical food is a human right. Phäedra is educated in engineering and science from Cornell University and launched her career in engineering at Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and various startups. Previously, she has been an acclaimed artist, an All-American athlete, and set a few precedents in math/engineering. Also, Forbes U30 2021.

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