Per Olsson

Per Olsson

SpecialityProgram Director & Principal Researcher, Stockholm Resilience Center

Per Olsson is a Program Director and a Principal Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre where he leads the research on transformations to sustainability. In 2019 and 2020 he was recognized by the Web of Science as one of the world’s most influential researchers of the past decade. His current research focuses on system entrepreneurship, innovations, and capacities for navigating transformations towards equitable and sustainable futures. This work has involved multiple sectors and systems, including food and agriculture, water, marine, and biodiversity. He is dedicated to bringing cutting edge sustainability science together with the cutting edge practice. This has lead him to design and facilitate programs for change-makers such as BALTICLEAD, Transforming Change, Catalyzing Change, The Rockefeller Global Fellowship on Social Innovation, and the SRC Executive Education Program. He also advises CEOs, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic organisations on sustainability transformations, and he enjoys creating innovative spaces that combine music, art, science, and policy such as the Coral Guardians (co-founder). He also co-founded SHIFT, an accelerator for start-ups and social-ecological entrepreneurship.

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