Oliver Oram

SpecialityCEO, Chainvine Limited

Olivier ORAM, a SwedBrit 😉 has devoted his professional life to digital technologies associated with the control of supply chains. He is an expert in this field with several international organizations. Amateur of fine wines, it is by being interested in the frauds on the great vintages that he decided to develop applications making it possible to secure and trace information relating to the production, the conservation, the distribution and the characteristics wines. He was originally intrigued by the escapades, in the 2000s, of the renowned oenologist Rudy Kurniawan, educated in Indonesia like him and who was one of the greatest wine counterfeiters of this century. Oliver decided to put digital technologies, and particularly blockchain, at the service of securing all stages of the wine supply chain. The company he founded and which he runs, CHAINVINE, is one of the leaders in this buoyant market which is of interest to all producers concerned with guaranteeing the origin of their wines and communicating their characteristics to distributors and end consumers.

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