Olga Grönvall Lund

SpecialityInitiator, Reformaten

Olga is the initiator and founder of non-profit organization, Reformaten.
Olga Grönvall Lund is a Swedish entrepreneur who has worked with food-related projects her whole professional career. She has mainly been active in Stockholm and Berlin but has also hosted events, catered, and done productions in other parts of the world such as Hong Kong, London, Bologna, Copenhagen and Paris to name a few.
In 2019 Olga founded Reformaten – a people’s movement for a new food system where everyone’s winner – humans, animals and nature. The slogan, “Det ska vara lätt att äta rätt”, explains the purpose well; “it must be easy to eat right”.

Reformaten is a movement that aims to transform the entire food system. We’re here to show our political leaders that the demand and support for change is here now.
Reformaten wants to lift the active citizen rather than the perfect consumer. We have to change the production of food on a system level and with this change the world for the better.
Reformaten gather different stakeholders. During live-streamed conferences we invite experts, organizations, market participants, communication professionals, passionate individuals, researchers, politicians, businesspeople and citizens to discuss the topic and enforcing action.

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