Kevin Powell

SpecialityConsumer-Centric Innovation Leader

Dr Kevin Powell is a global leader and practitioner of consumer centric innovation. Prior to joining the world of FMCG, over quarter of a century ago, Dr Powell was singularly focused on technology, developing hard disk drives, ceramic matrix composites for jet engines, and AI algorithms for missile guidance systems. Joining Gillette led him to realise that his passion was delighting consumers with experiences that they value; this learning was turbo-charged when P&G bought Gillette. Dr Powell learnt that deeply understanding WHO are the target consumers and identifying WHAT is the job they are hiring us to do, it is possible to define precisely HOW to delight them, by creating technical success criteria against which invention (product, pack and process) can be measured. Using proven tools within this framework, Dr Powell has led global innovation teams across multiple consumer categories to deliver billions of dollars of incremental net revenue: Food (Oreo, belVita, Ritz, Cadbury, Trident, Swedish Fish); Grooming (Gillette MACH3, Fusion and Venus razors); Hair Care (Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Herbal Essences). Dr Powell retired after 5 years as global VP of R&D gum, candy and biscuits for Mondelez International, to focus his skills and experiences on helping small business and startups to win by putting consumers first, using proven tools such as brand innovation strategies, rapid transactional learning experiments, modelling and simulation, external innovation, FEI and design to consumer value.

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