Dr. Johnny Drain

SpecialityCo-Founder and CTO, WNWN Food Labs

As Co-Founder and CTO Dr Johnny Drain led WNWN Food Labs to become the world’s first company to bring a cocoa-free chocolate to market in 2022. After receiving a Ph.D. in materials science from Oxford University, he started creating delicious things for the world’s very best restaurants, bars, and brands—including Noma’s Nordic Food Lab, zero-waste Silo, Mauro Colagreco’s Mirazur, and even Prada—and became a key figure in harnessing the power of fermentation to unlock deliciousness, sustainability and nutrition. As co-founder of MOLD Magazine he communicates about the future of food and challenges in global food systems, and as an occasional TV presenter his work has garnered millions of views online. WNWN Food Labs creates sustainable, ethical alternatives to unsustainable, unethical foods using wholesome plant-based ingredients.