Dr. Philipp Rösler

SpecialityInvestor, Board Professional

Dr Philipp Rösler holds management consulting mandates as well as supervisory board memberships in known Swiss and international companies.

Philipp started his career as a medical doctor at the German Armed Forces but left the German Bundeswehr as a captain to join politics in 2003. He served as the chairman of the Free Democratic Party in the German state of Lower-Saxony in which he was Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Economics, Labour and Transport. In 2009 he joined the Federal Government of Germany as a Minister of Health in Federal Chancellor Merkel’s second cabinet. In 2011 Philipp Rösler was elected as the Chairman of the Free Democratic Party in Germany and changed his portfolio to Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. He also became Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

2013 Dr Rösler left politics and joined the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum in Geneva for four years.  

 Thus he found his way to Switzerland, where he settled with his family in Zürich and collected trusting clients and board memberships ever since.