Charlotta Ranert

Charlotta Ranert

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Charlotta Ranert is founder of MovEat. MovEat, a start up merging food experiences and food tech, connects people to local taste through a variety of hyper local tasting events.
Charlotta also works as a consultant creating exceptional food experiences for commercial and public organisations. She is a food tourism expert and creative who brings great passion and extensive expertise in food conceptualization to the table – as well as strong, results-focused business acumen. She spends her free time and some of her work time traveling the world trying out culinary experiences; networking, eating, learning, discovering and connecting people. She believes we need to rethink, retool & reprioritize to make tourism and hospitality more resilient and sustainable in the future. In 2021 she was awarded Star of the year by Skånska Gastronomipriset.

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