Carl-Johan & Ulrica

SpecialityCo-founders, Hagshult

The Hagshult Cows are not reared to become food as soon as possible. They are bred to give birth to calves and to give milk for a long time. When they retire as milk cows, they are moved to us at the cow retirement home. Here, they get to feed on grass and grow in their own pace without any artificial additives or concentrate before they eventually end up being healthy, delicious, and climate-friendly meat. In 2015, the idea on making the most out of a forgotten resource came up, and in 2016 we started the business on a newly build farm. All the cows are born and bred in Småland, at Torsjö Säteri. The farm is climate certified according to Svenskt Sigill and we actively work with sustainability and making use of the whole animal. The Hagshult Cows are owned and run by the co-founders Ulrica Björnhag and Carl-Johan Berilsson. The meat is sold to restaurants and delicatessen, as well as straight to the consumer via meatboxes with home delivery, or in our farm shop. (5 miles south of Jönköping, 4 minutes from the E:4)

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