Art Branny

SpecialityResearcher, Stockholm Resilience Centre

After gaining his PhD in Quantum Physics in Scotland, Art Branny moved to Sweden to work with sustainability issues head-on at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He co-led several transdisciplinary projects including the SMARTer Greener Cities, Muklis, the Doughnut for Urban Development, and the Deed by Deed. Now he is on a mission to empower people to eat more sustainably and healthily. To this end, he designs and runs experiments with impact partners and injects science into them. He strongly believes that eating well and sustainably is key to tackling the interconnected health-climate-biodiversity crisis. Art has been cooking plant-based food since his late teens, worked in a Michele star restaurant, and remained a full-time plant-based chef at home cooking for his family of four. He is always keen to talk about eating plant-based, sustainable living, gut microbiome, stoicism, systems thinking and behavioral science.