Anne-Charlotte Holmlöv

SpecialityReg. Dietician & Co-founder, Amberry and Healthy Blue Habits

Anne-Charlotte is the co-founder of Amberry, a health tech start-up founded with the purpose to inspire and enable people to build a sustainable lifestyle through healthy habits and science based guidance. The digital health programs follow Amberry’s lifestyle concept, Healthy Blue Habits, based on the inspirational lifestyle of the vital elderly in the world’s blue zones, areas where people live longer and healthier lives than average. In order to further accelerate the transformation of the health and food system, Amberry also supports other companies to improve their position within health and sustainability, building on consumer insights and supporting SDG 3 and 13. Anne-Charlotte is a registered dietician and certified coach with more than 25 years experience from leading positions within life science and FMCG, in companies like Nestlé Health Science and Novartis, as well as start-ups. Her mission is to engage and inspire individuals and to promote sustainable health and wellbeing, counteracting the skyrocketing increase of lifestyle related diseases as well as the climate issues. When working as the CEO of a previous scale-up she came across the healthy and sustainable lifestyle of the vital centenarians of the blue zones. This became the starting point of her own entrepreneurial journey.