Andrea Rasca

SpecialityFounder, Mercato

Andrea Rasca is the Founder and ‘Chief Executive Dreamer’ of the Mercato Metropolitano Movement. With a degree in Economics in Italy and Spain, a first Master in Management in Tokyo, and a second in International Relations from Fletcher School in Boston, Andrea is a passionate advocate of Right to Food. Over the past 25 years he has gained a broad experience within the food sector, focusing on the design and implementation of internationalization strategies for major Italian food companies (including the development of nine branches of Eataly in Japan). More recently, he has broadened his expertise by focusing on the development of a more holistic and coordinated approach to sustainable food systems that are community-led to enhance the positive impact on our environment, societies, and nutritional health. In 2014, he brought his experiences together and developed the inspiring new sustainable retail concept of Mercato Metropolitano, a movement which a UK journalist termed as “the standard-bearer for the renaissance of inner cities”

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